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The FANTASY & SCIENCE FICTION covers by Ed Emshwiller

Robert A Heinlein: Have Space Suit, Will Travel, SCRIBNERS, hc, Ed Emshwiller

A close up on space an late 50ties space suit. Telltale features, the Citro├źn 2CV headlights (stalk attached) and the accordion arms. The belaying rope suggests mountain climbing episodes. The purpose of the frontal swan neck antenna is unclear. (It could house a small LED light for unobstrusive night time reading.) Various boyscout names for knots are bandied around (reef knot, granny knot). Know your nautical terms or turn away and tie your shoelaces in shamefaced silence. (text click for the picture without title overlay)

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Robert A Heinlein: Have Space Suit, Will Travel, FANTASY AND SCIENCE FICTION, Aug 1958, Ed Emshwiller

Have crowbar, will vandalize. When stick fighting training pays off. It may look like a doll but the vacuum breathing companion cuddles a cute alien (the mother thing). The second space suit rates only one headlight (no Land Rover protection). The stretched out rubber arm, from outside the lander right into the cloak room, is a perspective declaration of war.

Robert A Heinlein: Have Space Suit, Will Travel, FANTASY AND SCIENCE FICTION, Sep 1958, Ed Emshwiller

Pluto, the last mile. The illuminated music stand in the backdrop (tripod is tripod) is actually part of a very powerful distress beacon. The rescue team from the Lesser Maghellanic Cloud is on its way.

Robert A Heinlein: Starship Troopers, FANTASY AND SCIENCE FICTION Nov 1959, Ed Emshwiller

At that distance you could just as well turn your bazooka around and fry the arachnids flame thrower style. Two problems with the harnessed booster: very easy to scorch your heels. The unbalanced torque will create a windmill spin. (There is the hint of second jet so maybe that is taken care of.)

Robert A Heinlein: Glory Road, FANTASY AND SCIENCE FICTION July 1963, Ed Emshwiller

Nature awareness week. Venus of Milo pinch hits as tour guide. (I did not know that she was the sister of Maid Marian.)

Robert A Heinlein: Waldo & Magic (Waldo, Genius in Orbit), AVON, Ed Emshwiller

First impression: industrial robots on a rampage. Saint Asimov and the first golem law portect us. You have to look rather closely to detect the pantomiming supervisor in the rigging floor.