Index of rbutil

Name Size Date
 ../4 kiB2014-01-26 20:54:52 +0100
 RockboxUtility-0372a52-src.tar.bz21156 kiB2013-11-18 09:54:47 +0100
 RockboxUtility-0372a52.zip7949 kiB2013-11-18 09:55:55 +0100
 RockboxUtility-1879de7-src.tar.bz21173 kiB2014-05-25 16:02:37 +0200
 RockboxUtility-1879de7.zip7952 kiB2014-05-25 16:03:45 +0200
 RockboxUtility-5d9086b-src.tar.bz21047 kiB2013-09-19 00:14:38 +0200
 RockboxUtility-5d9086b.zip7775 kiB2013-09-19 00:15:47 +0200
 RockboxUtility-d94ce51-src.tar.bz21107 kiB2013-03-09 19:52:13 +0100
 RockboxUtility-d94ce51.zip8025 kiB2013-03-09 19:53:28 +0100

This directory contains Rockbox Utility development binaries.

These binaries are created from git using the script. The are not updated regularly but only every now and then. Also, there usually won't be binaries for Linux, and binaries for other OS are provided depending on the need (there might be an update of the Windows version only to give people a chance to check if a Windows only bug was fixed, or similar). The filenames include the git hash they are built from.

WARNING: This is development code. It might contain bugs or any other issues that may make it malfunction, don't function at all or even mess up your player. There will be NO support for those binaries from anyone, they are only provided for convenience. Use it at your own risk. YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED!