Index of themeeditor

Name Size Date
rbthemeeditor-e98e64b-src.tar.bz2204 kiB2013-02-08 21:47:04
rbthemeeditor-e98e64b.zip7263 kiB2013-02-08 21:48:12
rbthemeeditor-r29545-setup.exe5024 kiB2011-03-08 21:17:00
rbthemeeditor-r29545-src.tar.bz2197 kiB2011-03-08 21:17:07
rbthemeeditor-r29545.dmg16085 kiB2011-03-08 21:15:15

Rockbox Theme Editor SVN builds

These are builds of the Rockbox Theme Editor form SVN. No guarantees, warranties or whatsoever. Provided for your convenience only.

See ThemeEditor in the Rockbox Wiki for details.

Feel free to ping me (bluebrother) on IRC about updates. No promises though. These builds are not official builds by the Rockbox Team!