Welcome to rockbox.org

Rockbox is a complete replacement for the software that drives your digital audio players.

It was written from the ground up to provide a better experience than the existing software, giving you more options and putting you in charge of the player.

In most areas, Rockbox far surpasses the manufacturers firmware, truly unleashing the full potential of your hardware.

Target status

The current status of Rockbox development on various players.

Feature comparison

Check Rockbox vs. out-of-the-box firmware features comparision.

Buyers guide

Want to buy a device that Rockbox is compatible with it?

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Contactor Data AB sponsors bandwidth and server for the main site.

Haxx sponsors the build server, svn server and various other resources

VideoLAN sponsors a download server

Positive Internet sponsors a download server


themes.rockbox.org is available

Rockbox 3.2 is released

Rockbox has been accepted as a mentor organization for Google Summer of Code 2009. Look here for project ideas.

The Rockbox USB stack is now enabled by default on all PP502x targets.

Rockbox 3.1 is released

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