The John Watson Story

John Watson

John Watson´s Career:

1970 Formel 2 Brabham
Severe accident in Rouen, broke arm and leg
1971 Formel 2
1972 Formel 2. Came 6th in the John Player Trophy at Brands Hatch
1973 F1 debut with Team MRD (Brabham BT37) in Silverstone
1974 F1 for Goldie Hexagon Brabham
1975 F1 for Surtees & Lotus & Penske
Came 2nd in the Race of Champions and 4th in the International Trophy
1976 F1 for Penske - first F1 victory in Austria
1977 F1 for Martini Racing (Brabham)
1978 F1 for Brabham
1979 F1 for McLaren
1980 F1 for McLaren
1981 F1 for McLaren. Victory in Silverstone
1982 F1 for McLaren - marginally missed the World Championship Title
1983 F1 for McLaren. Won the Long Beach GP from 22nd grid position. A record still unbeaten to date.
1984 Sportscars Porsche - Won in Fuji together with Stefan Bellof
1985 F1 for McLaren (Brands Hatch) , Sportscars Porsche
1986 Sportscars Jaguar


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Motorsport Aktuell from 1978 to 1999 :-)

Thanks to Peter Berger (for the wonderful pictures of John Watson and Ben Edwards)
and Michael Kobus for the great scans !

Special thanks to Jan Moeller for supplying me with great photographs from his F1 archive, e.g. for the Watson gallery and further for his advice given on many occasions. Go and see his Didier Pironi Memorial Site!

Thanks to Carsten Meurer for the pics of your superb Watson Bell Helmet replica!

Last but not least: Thank you so much Pete for your fantastic translation of the Watson Story!
Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

I would very much appreciate any comments, (praise or criticism) in my guestbook
I hope you enjoyed reading my little Watson-biography as much as I did compiling it.

Lutz Goerke

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