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1.  Projects

1.1  NEPMD

The most recent NEPMD beta version comes here. Sorry, docs are still outdated. This is an unofficial debug version for those, who can't compile it from the sources. The next release will be v2.00.

nepmd113_eng.wpi    3972 KB    2007-06-18    00:00:00

See the (huge) CVS ChangeLog for all changes:

changelog    413 KB    2007-06-18    00:00:00

Warp 3 users should also download this package:

nepmd_epmbase.wpp    617 KB    2006-12-12    00:00:00

Note: I'm about to work on v1.14. It eases configuration a lot more and contains all the small fixes, that I sampled since the previous v1.13. Additionally, I'm trying to improve the installation and its wording. Since there are some important and not so easy to fix bugs open, I have to spend some time on them first. Additionally, I have to make CVS checkins of the versions I have here locally only. Version 1.14 could be ready in about a month, in August 2008. Please contact me, if you need an intermediate version in order to fix annoying bugs of v.1.13.

The Warpstock Europe 2006 presentation is here:

nepmdwse2006.pdf    336 KB    2006-12-12     00:00:00

The LaTeX beamer source code:

nepmdwse2006.tex    5 KB    2006-12-12     00:00:00

1.2  Hypertext/2

I've enhanced the last Hypertext/2 version 1.07 and made several fixes. Until Christian has reviewed it, I provide the ZIP file here. The reason is, that it's required to compile the reworked NEPMD help, I'll plan to upload to CVS. The next official Hypertext/2 version will be uploaded to Hobbes soon.

To obtain a version before that, please address me (see my email address below).

Changes compared to RC3:

1.3  OpenSig

I've started a project to open applications according to a file's signature. That is useful for the extensions .INF, .HLP, .INI and .DOC. I contacted David and he instantly created some very well-looking icons. The current code is in REXX and I have to ease the installation and configuration, what is much more work than writing the simple execution code. Await a first version soon on Hobbes!

1.4  eComStation

I have write access to the German NLS-specific eCS files. I made a first translation of the installer files, the desktop and some first apps as well.

2. Tips

2.1  Increasing keyboard speed

I always found the maximum, that's selectable with the WPS dialogs of OS/2 too slow. Especially on larger screens, the lines in a text editor scroll too slowly. Smaller fonts would even reinforce the effect.

However, there's a solution. I posted that to VOICE, see http://www.os2voice.org/VNL/past_issues/VNL0206H/tips.html#j

3. Contact

andreas <dot> schnellbacher <at> web <dot> de