2007-06-18 aschn * /netlabs.cvs/nepmd/src/gui/recomp/common.h 1.12 * /netlabs.cvs/nepmd/src/gui/recomp/resource.def 1.5 * /netlabs.cvs/nepmd/src/netlabs/macros/stdconst.e 1.10 * /netlabs.cvs/nepmd/configure.in 1.18 * /netlabs.cvs/nepmd/src/gui/epmcall/common.h 1.6 * /netlabs.cvs/nepmd/src/gui/epmcall/epmcall.def 1.8 * /netlabs.cvs/nepmd/src/gui/nepmdlib/nepmdlib.def 1.39 * /netlabs.cvs/nepmd/src/gui/nepmdlib/nepmdlib.h 1.12 - Changed version to 1.13. 2007-06-10 aschn * /netlabs.cvs/nepmd/src/netlabs/macros/stdcmds.e 1.27 - Changed DoLines command to handle enquoted REXX command lines. - Ctrl+Break (menu item: Halt command) now resets also the pointer. * /netlabs.cvs/nepmd/src/netlabs/macros/stdkeys.e 1.35 - Disabled Alt+Home for being defined as PM accelerator key, because that would override Alt+Numpad7. * /netlabs.cvs/nepmd/src/netlabs/macros/keys.e 1.21 - Disabled Alt+Home for being defined as PM accelerator key, because that would override Alt+Numpad7. Same for: Alt+Up, Alt+Down, Alt+Left, Alt+Right, Alt+End, Alt+PgUp, Alt+PgDown, Alt+Ins. Otherwise Alt+NumpadKey won't work anymore. * /netlabs.cvs/nepmd/src/netlabs/macros/revert.e 1.6 - Disabled load and select processing until file is reloaded. That avoids a ring command. * /netlabs.cvs/nepmd/src/netlabs/macros/stdctrl.e 1.46 - Added RINGCMD dprintf msgs. - Commented Drop_Bitmap command out, since it's never been executed with W4+. Most likely worked with W3 only. * /netlabs.cvs/nepmd/src/netlabs/macros/modeexec.e 1.23 * /netlabs.cvs/nepmd/src/netlabs/macros/groups.e 1.16 - Added RINGCMD dprintf msgs. * /netlabs.cvs/nepmd/src/netlabs/macros/filelist.e 1.18 - Added SwapView command to change the pos. of a file in the ring. Made FileNumbers work correctly. Todo: Make it work with multiple views of a file. - Added RINGCMD dprintf msgs. * /netlabs.cvs/nepmd/src/netlabs/macros/file.e 1.24 - Disabled auto-change from netlabs to user dir for SaveAs. (Now developers can easily use SaveAs to save netlabs files on purpose.) Added therefore the Save proc with an optional 2nd arg. - Cosmetic changes. - Disabled load and select commands during SaveAs. - Added RINGCMD dprintf msg. * /netlabs.cvs/nepmd/src/netlabs/macros/select.e 1.23 - Added DisableSelect and EnableSelect commands to avoid select command processing (e.g. several ring commands) during a Name or SaveAs command. - Cosmetic changes. - Added the Trim command to AfterLoad to hopefully avoid the window scrolling in most cases on cursor restore. * /netlabs.cvs/nepmd/src/netlabs/macros/load.e 1.26 - Restore cursor pos. only when file is loaded, not on a Name command. - Added DisableLoad and EnableLoad commands to avoid load command processing (e.g. several ring commands) during a Name or SaveAs command. * /netlabs.cvs/nepmd/src/netlabs/macros/dosutil.e 1.16 - Cosmetic changes. * /netlabs.cvs/nepmd/src/netlabs/macros/recompile.e 1.11 - Show wait pointer during RecompileNew processing. - Added RINGCMD dprintf msg. * /netlabs.cvs/nepmd/src/netlabs/macros/reflowmail.e 1.16 - Show wait pointer during processing. * /netlabs.cvs/nepmd/src/netlabs/macros/locate.e 1.28 - Show wait pointer during Grep processing. * /netlabs.cvs/nepmd/src/netlabs/macros/newmenu.e 1.46 - Rearranged Options -> Macros items and changed mnemonics. * /netlabs.cvs/nepmd/src/wis/nepmd.wis 1.57 - Changed "EPM Shell" object to not use the EPMSHELL.CMD file, since double quotes for filenames with spaces are optional, but not required for EPM's Cd* commands and its Directory proc. * /netlabs.cvs/nepmd/src/netlabs/macros/assist.e 1.22 - Fixed a typo in a debug msg. * /netlabs.cvs/nepmd/src/netlabs/macros/tags.e 1.16 - Fixed PASCAL mode that never worked before. 2007-05-31 aschn * /netlabs.cvs/nepmd/src/netlabs/macros/tags.e 1.15 - Fixed 2 RegEx terms for Pascal with wrong syntax. (But TagScan for PASCAL still doesn't work.) * /netlabs.cvs/nepmd/src/netlabs/macros/kwhelp.e 1.38 - Fixed: View is always called instead of NewView, even when NewView is enabled and was found. * /netlabs.cvs/nepmd/src/netlabs/macros/modecnf.e 1.10 - Extended comments: instructions for mode config. * /netlabs.cvs/nepmd/src/netlabs/macros/stdcmds.e 1.26 - On resetting tabs or margins, the values for current mode are used now instead of the editor's default ones. * /netlabs.cvs/nepmd/src/netlabs/macros/modeexec.e 1.22 - Appended configs for coding styles after coding style items in selection dialog. - Added support for editing coding style in PROFILE.ERX from selection dialog. - Added GetModeSetting and ShowModeSetting. - Disabled EA writing with SetTabs and SetMargins. That's now only possible with the Tabs and Margins commands. * /netlabs.cvs/nepmd/src/netlabs/macros/newmenu.e 1.45 - Fixed menu item attributes for NewView options. 2007-04-28 jbs * /netlabs.cvs/nepmd/src/netlabs/macros/assist.e 1.21 - Corrected a spelling error. "Toaken" corrected to "Token" 2007-04-11 aschn * /netlabs.cvs/nepmd/src/netlabs/install/usertree.cmd 1.12 - Added myepm\spellchk to gather user-added DIC or ADD files. (Since the Netscape 4.61 install isn't required anymore for eCS, there's a need for a new common dir holding these files. Suggested by Gabriele Gamba.) 2007-04-10 aschn * /netlabs.cvs/nepmd/src/netlabs/macros/kwhelp.e 1.37 - Changed call with NewView's extended search to support recent versions, as provided and fixed with v2.19b4 and later. (Newly working syntax: /s "search string".) * /netlabs.cvs/nepmd/src/netlabs/macros/newmenu.e 1.44 - Added missing mnemonic (Ctrl+Sh+T) to TagScan item. 2007-04-09 aschn * /netlabs.cvs/nepmd/src/gui/common/epmenv.c 1.31 - Fixed: env var names containing lowercase letters don't work. 2007-03-10 aschn * /netlabs.cvs/nepmd/src/netlabs/install/dyncfg.cmd 1.8 - Fixed: If EPM wasn't found in PATH, the loader wasn't copied to ?:\OS2. Since the EPMBBS bins can be installed with NEPMD, a previously installed EPM is not required anymore. 2007-03-05 jbs * /netlabs.cvs/nepmd/src/netlabs/bin/epmdefassocs.cmd 1.3 - Fixed bugs in setting default values. 2007-03-03 jbs * /netlabs.cvs/nepmd/src/netlabs/mode/c/toolkit.hil 1.2 - Additional functions added. These functions are from PMWP.H, BSEDOS.H, FTPAPI.H, and DMIAPI.H. 2007-03-02 jbs * /netlabs.cvs/nepmd/src/netlabs/bin/epmdefassocs.cmd 1.2 - This is a replacement for the previously incomplete program. It will set or reset NEPMD as the default program for the types and filters with which it is associated. - The program works in unattended mode when a parameter of 'SET' or 'RESET' is used. - Without a parameter the program works in interactive mode. 2007-03-01 aschn * /netlabs.cvs/nepmd/src/netlabs/bin/epmnewsamewindow.cmd 1.4 - Fixed some more typos, all with cosmetic effect only. * /netlabs.cvs/nepmd/src/netlabs/bin/epmnewsamewindow.cmd 1.3 - Fixed a typo. 2007-02-27 aschn * /netlabs.cvs/nepmd/src/netlabs/macros/edit.e 1.46 - Fixed: The previous change bypassed the deletion of REXX EAs for single-loaded files. 2007-02-26 aschn * /netlabs.cvs/nepmd/src/netlabs/mode/htext/htext.hil 1.5 - Included newest HyperText/2 changes. 2007-02-12 jbs * /netlabs.cvs/nepmd/src/wis/nepmd.lst 1.18 * /netlabs.cvs/nepmd/src/wis/nepmd.wis 1.56 - These files have been modified in support of the new "Custom Icons" package (#2). * /netlabs.cvs/nepmd/src/netlabs/install/applyico.cmd 1.18 - APPLYICO.CMD has been changed so that it will only install custom icons. It is called only when the user selects the new "Custom Icons" package. - The code in the previous version of APPLYICO.CMD which was not related to setting custom icons has been moved into SPECIAL.CMD. SPECIAL.CMD is called by NLSETUP.CMD as part of the base application installation. * /netlabs.cvs/nepmd/src/rexx/nlsetup.cmd 1.8 - This program was changed to call SPECIAL.CMD instead of APPLYICO.CMD. - SPECIAL.CMD does all that APPLYICO.CMD used to do which was NOT related to imstalling custom icons. - APPLYICO.CMD is now used only to install Custom Icons when the user selects the new Custom Icons package (#2) * /netlabs.cvs/nepmd/src/nls/wis/desc2eng.xml 1.2 * /netlabs.cvs/nepmd/src/nls/wis/desc3eng.xml 1.2 * /netlabs.cvs/nepmd/src/nls/wis/desc4eng.xml 1.2 * /netlabs.cvs/nepmd/src/nls/wis/nepmdeng.h 1.13 - These files have been modified to support the new "Custom Icons" package which was inserted as package #2) * /netlabs.cvs/nepmd/src/netlabs/install/special.cmd 1.1 - This code was pulled out of APPLYICO.CMD. It is all the code that was in APPLYICO.CMD which was not related to setting cutom icons. - This code is called as part of the base application installation (instead of APPLYICO.CMD). - APPLYICO.CMD is now used ONLY to apply custom icons if the user selects the new "Cutom Icons" package (#2). * /netlabs.cvs/nepmd/src/nls/wis/desc5eng.xml 1.1 - This is the desc file for the Warp 3 support files. - This was previously desc4eng.xml. The new "Custom icons" package was inserted as package #2. 2007-02-04 aschn * /netlabs.cvs/nepmd/bin/esrcscan.cmd 1.17 - Added change by Greg Jarvis (finally!) to support call by reference expressions with 'VAR' as well. 2007-01-28 aschn * /netlabs.cvs/nepmd/src/netlabs/macros/edit.e 1.45 - Cosmetic changes. * /netlabs.cvs/nepmd/src/netlabs/macros/infoline.e 1.14 - Cosmetic and comment changes. - Added an option for to configure the info bars like in standard EPM. * /netlabs.cvs/nepmd/src/netlabs/macros/kwhelp.e 1.36 - Added support for NewView 2.19(beta) and first attempt to make it's version configurable. * /netlabs.cvs/nepmd/src/netlabs/macros/reflowmail.e 1.15 - Limit indented quoted lines to 2 spaces to recognize verbatim lines more reliable. * /netlabs.cvs/nepmd/src/netlabs/macros/assist.e 1.20 - Added support for Pascal's "end." keyword. 2007-01-17 aschn * /netlabs.cvs/nepmd/configure.in 1.17 - Changed ID_VERSION_NEPMD to current version #. 2006-12-26 aschn * /netlabs.cvs/nepmd/src/netlabs/macros/epmshell.e 1.34 - Handle the silly M$ syntax extension for CD like "cd\", "cd.." etc. - Removed parentless 0 (left over from GETNEXT_CREATE_NEW_HANDLE replacement). - Removed some outcommented code. * /netlabs.cvs/nepmd/src/netlabs/bin/cdd.cmd 1.3 - Handle root drives because SysFiletrees has problems with that. 2006-12-23 aschn * /netlabs.cvs/nepmd/src/gui/recomp/common.h 1.11 * /netlabs.cvs/nepmd/src/gui/recomp/resource.def 1.4 * /netlabs.cvs/nepmd/src/netlabs/macros/stdconst.e 1.9 * /netlabs.cvs/nepmd/src/gui/nepmdlib/nepmdlib.h 1.11 * /netlabs.cvs/nepmd/src/gui/epmcall/epmcall.def 1.7 * /netlabs.cvs/nepmd/src/gui/nepmdlib/nepmdlib.def 1.38 * /netlabs.cvs/nepmd/configure.in 1.16 * /netlabs.cvs/nepmd/src/gui/epmcall/common.h 1.5 - Changed Version # to 1.12. 2006-12-22 aschn * /netlabs.cvs/nepmd/src/wis/nepmd.wis 1.55 - Now modify parameters of "EPM shell" object even when it already exists. (Added missing %*, because the WPS can't handle empty parms.) 2006-12-21 jbs * /netlabs.cvs/nepmd/src/netlabs/mode/javascript/default.ini 1.4 - Corrected the LINCCOMMENTPOS setting * /netlabs.cvs/nepmd/src/netlabs/mode/javascript/javascript.hil 1.2 - Expanded highlighting support 2006-12-20 aschn * /netlabs.cvs/nepmd/src/netlabs/bin/epmdefassocs.cmd 1.1 First revision 2006-12-20 cla * /netlabs.cvs/nepmd/src/ipf/neusreng.txt 1.17 - corrected IDPNL_TRADEMARKS 2006-12-18 aschn * /netlabs.cvs/nepmd/bin/cvs2log.cmd 1.5 - Add entries from Entries.log only if still not present. - Handle missing Entries file for removed dirs: Don't stop then. - Stop on a cvs.exe error. - Give a message when a to be processed dir wasn't found. - Changed Tabs to Spaces since the formatting was already messed-up. - Still to do: Delete old ChangeLog file automatically before creating a new (e.g. by executing "cvs2log -Rgv") to avoid missing and doubled entries. 2006-12-17 aschn * /netlabs.cvs/nepmd/src/netlabs/macros/edit.e 1.44 - Changed action if FileSpec is a dir for shell windows: When the cursor is on a prompt line, the dir is typed in, maybe preceded by a 'cdd' instead of opening a dir list. * /netlabs.cvs/nepmd/src/netlabs/macros/reflowmail.e 1.14 - Handle now indented and quoted continued list items better: An optional space (after the quote chars) is now allowed when being compared with the last indent. * /netlabs.cvs/nepmd/src/netlabs/bin/epmshell.cmd 1.2 - Execute now only the CDD command if an arg was specified. * /netlabs.cvs/nepmd/src/netlabs/bin/cdd.cmd 1.2 - Changed to accept now also a file spec. * /netlabs.cvs/nepmd/src/netlabs/install/applyico.cmd 1.17 * /netlabs.cvs/nepmd/src/wis/nepmd.wis 1.54 - Fixed typos in "EPM shell" params. - Added a shadow of it in XWP's "Command prompts" folder. - Moved parts of APPLYICO.CMD to subroutines. Now it's also prepared to to create all NEPMD objects if someone implements that. * /netlabs.cvs/nepmd/src/wis/nepmd.wis 1.53 * /netlabs.cvs/nepmd/src/netlabs/install/applyico.cmd 1.16 - Starting the EPM shell now from an REXX CMD, because XWP doesn't handle %* that occurs in single quotes correctly. Now the program object (or a reference object) can be used for XWP's Command prompts folder as well. * /netlabs.cvs/nepmd/src/netlabs/bin/epmshell.cmd 1.1 First revision * /netlabs.cvs/nepmd/src/netlabs/macros/reflowmail.e 1.13 * /netlabs.cvs/nepmd/src/netlabs/macros/newmenu.e 1.43 - Reworked handling of lists. - Using now dprintf for debugging msgs. - Removed menu item "Mail: reflow first line of list items" since disabling is not required anymore, because list reflow works well. 2006-12-15 jbs * /netlabs.cvs/nepmd/src/netlabs/macros/newmenu.e 1.42 * /netlabs.cvs/nepmd/src/netlabs/macros/english.e 1.8 - Eliminated all duplicate newmenu menu mnemonics - Ensured all newmenu menu items have mnemonics (except (mtxt_...) menu items) - Move "copy filename to clipboard from the Insert submenu of the Edit menu to the Mark menu (where all the other clipboard options are). 2006-12-11 aschn * /netlabs.cvs/nepmd/src/netlabs/macros/file.e 1.23 - Handle case when arg(1) is empty. * /netlabs.cvs/nepmd/src/netlabs/install/applyico.cmd 1.15 - Fixed parm setting for shell object. - Changed parm string to handle spaces in dir names, because EPM.EXE (the executable, not the loader) removes doublequotes being surrounded with single quotes. Doublequotes are now specified as { or }. - Removed more obsolete files. - Removed obsolete OS2.INI key. * /netlabs.cvs/nepmd/src/netlabs/macros/main.e 1.50 - Added handling for masked doublequote chars. Required because the EPM executable parser removes every doublequote, surrounded by single quotes. '{' and '}' are replaced with '"'. To specify '{' or '}', they must be doubled now. * /netlabs.cvs/nepmd/src/netlabs/macros/small.e 1.4 - Obsolete. Never used and never tested. * /netlabs.cvs/nepmd/src/netlabs/macros/setconfig.e 1.7 - Obsolete since settings were added to the menu and have changed. - The Alt+Home behaviour is now configurable via STDKEYS.E only But making these special keys easier configurable is a todo for a future version. * /netlabs.cvs/nepmd/src/netlabs/macros/comment.e 1.13 - Removed ugly window scrolling at the end. 2006-12-11 jbs * /netlabs.cvs/nepmd/src/netlabs/mode/c/wpstk.hil 1.2 - Fixed a minor typo. 2006-12-10 aschn * /netlabs.cvs/nepmd/src/netlabs/macros/keys.e 1.20 - Added missing consts since the last version was not compilable. * /netlabs.cvs/nepmd/src/netlabs/makefile 1.29 - Added the following now linked files: EPMSHELL.EX, FILE.EX, KEYS.EX, LOCATE.EX, MODEEXEC.EX, MODECNF.EX, TOOLBAR.EX. * /netlabs.cvs/nepmd/src/netlabs/macros/newmenu.e 1.41 - Added check for RECODE.EXE, GREP.EXE and GFC.EXE. If not found, some menu items won't appear, as suggested by Christian on WSE in Cologne. - Added menu item to copy current filename to clip. - Added menu item to configure list items for ReflowMail. - New syntax expansion submenu with coding style selection. - Added key description for "Mark identifier" and "Word uppercase". - Added menu item for sort. - Added menu items for FindDef and Alt_1. - Renamed the 'cascade_menu' hook to 'cascademenu' to make it conform to the other hook names. * /netlabs.cvs/nepmd/src/netlabs/macros/recompile.e 1.10 - Resolve env vars and '=' chars in filemasks for link commands. - Added support for unlinking loaded keyset files by temp. activating a dummy keyset (defined in STDCNF.E). - Improved comments. * /netlabs.cvs/nepmd/src/netlabs/macros/modeexec.e 1.21 - Made it separately compilable. - Added 'LOAD' or 'SELECT' args for ResetFileSettings to optionally reset only that part of it. - In SetKeys using the 'UseKeys' command instead of .keyset made even the current keyset changable. - Avoided call of RingRefreshSettings since this leads often to a crash. For ModeExecute, this can be activated by setting MODEEXEC_PROCESS_RING = 1. - Added SelectCodingStyle support for the current mode. * /netlabs.cvs/nepmd/src/netlabs/ex/exfiles.lst 1.11 * /netlabs.cvs/nepmd/src/netlabs/macros/stdcnf.e 1.37 * /netlabs.cvs/nepmd/src/netlabs/macros/epm.e 1.38 - Made paks separately compilable to save String Area Size in EPM.EX. Moving from near to 60k to 40k now. (Limit for an EX file is 64k.) Following E files are affected: EPM.E, STDCNF.E, EPMSHELL.E, FILE.E, KEYS.E, LOCATE.E, MODEEXEC.E, MODECNF.E, TOOLBAR.E. 2006-12-10 jbs * /netlabs.cvs/nepmd/src/gui/epmcall/epmcall.c 1.25 - Changed the parameter passing code to use the parameter information from DosGetInfoBlocks instead of from the argv[] array. This eliminates the need for the "re-insert=the-double-quotes" code (which has been disabled) * /netlabs.cvs/nepmd/src/netlabs/macros/alt_1.e 1.23 - Corrected some typos. * /netlabs.cvs/nepmd/src/netlabs/macros/file.e 1.22 - Improved 'CDD' command. It now supports file names (in case a file is dropped on the EPM Shell WPS object). It also no longer executes a 'CD' command if the argument is missing or invalid. * /netlabs.cvs/nepmd/src/gui/common/hilite.c 1.36 - Discontinued unused or redundant variables - Added new DEFINEs to facilitate more accurate sizing of various character arrays. - Improved DEFINE'd name to be more correctly self-describing 2006-12-10 aschn * /netlabs.cvs/nepmd/src/netlabs/macros/linkcmds.e 1.41 - Resolve env vars and '=' chars in filemasks for link commands. - Handle case when link doesn't set rc better. * /netlabs.cvs/nepmd/src/netlabs/macros/tabsspaces.e 1.2 - Added missing var initialization. * /netlabs.cvs/nepmd/src/netlabs/macros/stdkeys.e 1.34 - Made it separately compilable. - Cosmetic changes. - Adapted to the dropped DRAWKEYS.E file and use now the Draw command instead. * /netlabs.cvs/nepmd/src/netlabs/macros/shellkeys.e 1.5 - Made it separately compilable. - Filename completion can now be disabled via a const (maybe useful for 4os2). * /netlabs.cvs/nepmd/src/netlabs/macros/caseword.e 1.6 - Create a new undo state before execution to be able to restore it later. * /netlabs.cvs/nepmd/src/netlabs/macros/popup.e 1.7 - Added FindMark, Comment and Uncomment. - Added Reflow paragraph. - Fixed some key descriptions and commands. - Removed obsolete const. - Cosmetic changes. - Added missing key mnemonics. * /netlabs.cvs/nepmd/src/netlabs/macros/stdcmds.e 1.25 - Added DoCmd command, similar to the Key cmd. Useful for menu items. * /netlabs.cvs/nepmd/src/netlabs/macros/sortepm.e 1.7 - Cosmetic changes. * /netlabs.cvs/nepmd/src/netlabs/macros/epm.e 1.37 * /netlabs.cvs/nepmd/src/netlabs/macros/draw.e 1.6 * /netlabs.cvs/nepmd/src/netlabs/macros/drawkey.e 1.5 - Removed DRAWKEY.E. Code is now included in DRAW.E. * /netlabs.cvs/nepmd/src/netlabs/macros/toolbar.e 1.19 - Made it separately compilable. * /netlabs.cvs/nepmd/src/netlabs/macros/balance.e 1.3 - Using CircleIt command now to avoid requirement for LOCATE_CIRCLE consts, that will be removed from STDCNF.E. * /netlabs.cvs/nepmd/src/netlabs/macros/tags.e 1.14 - Added support for IPF and TEX. TeX support was almost completely overtaken from the PMCSTEX package. * /netlabs.cvs/nepmd/src/netlabs/macros/finddef.e 1.4 - Improved error messages for Grep commands, e.g. when a DLL wasn't found. - Improved C mode searching (see comments in file). Search recursive starting at the parent dir of current file's dir, if Grep version supports this, otherwise only in dir of current file. - For ERX files, E mode searching is executed. * /netlabs.cvs/nepmd/src/netlabs/macros/locate.e 1.27 - Improved error messages for Grep commands, e.g. when a DLL wasn't found. - GetGrepVersion returns now the version of GNU grep to determine if recursive search is supported. On error, rc < 0 is returned. - Handles previously stored GetGrepVersion ini key: always redetermine version number if old format found. - Made it separately compilable. - Added SearchDirection command with required arg = 'F' or 'R' to set the search direction instead of just toggeling it with ToggleSearchDirection (useful as command for key bindings). * /netlabs.cvs/nepmd/src/netlabs/macros/epmshell.e 1.33 - Removed a wrong comment. - Made it separately compilable. - Cosmetic changes. * /netlabs.cvs/nepmd/src/netlabs/macros/infoline.e 1.13 - Removed a wrong comment and added comments about ideas for new fields. * /netlabs.cvs/nepmd/src/netlabs/macros/alt_1.e 1.22 - Improved error messages. - Added '=' and env var resolving. - Added optional opening of a URL in browser, URL is configurable. - Added file searching in dir of current file. - Added file searching in dir of last prompt line for shell windows. - Added optional tree search with configurable start dir if file wasn't found. * /netlabs.cvs/nepmd/src/netlabs/macros/revert.e 1.5 - Fixed unlocking before reverting. Bug found monthes ago by Bastian Maerkisch. * /netlabs.cvs/nepmd/src/netlabs/macros/clipbrd.e 1.9 - Cosmetic changes. - Copy2Clip accepts now a parm. If specified, that parm is copied to clip, otherwise the current mark. - Added CopyFilename2Clip. * /netlabs.cvs/nepmd/src/netlabs/macros/main.e 1.49 - After installation at the first startup delete the RecompileNew entries in NEPMD.INI to make the next RecompileNew work properly, even when user EX files were deleted. - Don't try to execute a 0 byte PROFILE.ERX, which would lead to an REXX error. * /netlabs.cvs/nepmd/src/netlabs/macros/file.e 1.21 - Removed a wrong comment. - Fixed: On pressing the Save-as button a ETK message box pops up that says "Error on saving file", but the file was saved. Hopefully this will not happen again. A 'refresh' command fixed that, but the timing is critical for that. - Fixed hook executions and added missing ones. - All invalid FAT chars are now replaced on saving a file on a FAT drive. * /netlabs.cvs/nepmd/src/netlabs/macros/modify.e 1.8 * /netlabs.cvs/nepmd/src/netlabs/macros/select.e 1.22 * /netlabs.cvs/nepmd/src/netlabs/macros/hooks.e 1.11 - Added AtSave and AtPostSave hook commands and others. - Checked all hook commands for proper syntax and names. - Added HookShowAll command for debugging. - Moved HookGet command from SELECT.E to HOOKS.E. * /netlabs.cvs/nepmd/src/netlabs/macros/modecnf.e 1.9 - Changed indent and tabs for default REXX_std CodingStyle from 2 to 3. - Added standard code for the linkable version. * /netlabs.cvs/nepmd/src/netlabs/macros/edit.e 1.43 - Made 2nd param for parse_filename optional and always return rc = 0, not the position of '=' if 2nd arg is missing. If 2nd param not specified, the current filename is taken to resolve '='. - Enhanced currently deactivated, experimental codepage conversion at startup by preserving the EAs. - Enhanced URL support calling WGET by leaving the CMD window open on error and by optionally piping the output to an logfile if %L was specified in URL_LOAD_TEMPLATE. - Open dirs as DIR lists instead of giving an error msg. 2006-12-09 aschn * /netlabs.cvs/nepmd/src/netlabs/macros/stdctrl.e 1.45 - Removed a debug msg. * /netlabs.cvs/nepmd/src/netlabs/macros/tree.e 1.5 * /netlabs.cvs/nepmd/src/netlabs/macros/stdmenu.e 1.30 * /netlabs.cvs/nepmd/src/netlabs/macros/stdctrl.e 1.44 * /netlabs.cvs/nepmd/src/netlabs/macros/ovshmenu.e 1.15 * /netlabs.cvs/nepmd/src/netlabs/macros/newmenu.e 1.40 * /netlabs.cvs/nepmd/src/netlabs/macros/keys.e 1.19 * /netlabs.cvs/nepmd/src/netlabs/macros/fevshmnu.e 1.16 * /netlabs.cvs/nepmd/src/netlabs/macros/debug.e 1.8 - Removed AddOnceAVar and replaced it with AddAVar. * /netlabs.cvs/nepmd/src/netlabs/macros/english.e 1.7 * /netlabs.cvs/nepmd/src/netlabs/macros/deutsch.e 1.7 * /netlabs.cvs/nepmd/src/netlabs/macros/italano.e 1.2 - Cosmetic changes. - Made DEUTSCH.E and ITALANO.E compile with the current EPM.E (removed consts like in ENGLISH.E already done). Note: Most menu items of NEWMENU.E are not affected by these files. * /netlabs.cvs/nepmd/src/netlabs/macros/italano.e 1.1 First revision * /netlabs.cvs/nepmd/src/wis/nepmd.wis 1.52 * /netlabs.cvs/nepmd/src/nls/wis/nepmdeng.h 1.12 - Added "EPM help" object. - Made some object names shorter and 1-line-only long. - Use var for title of package 99. - Moved comment out of the PCK tag. - Moved EPMTECH.INF object to Recompilation package. * /netlabs.cvs/nepmd/src/netlabs/install/applyico.cmd 1.14 - Remove outdated "fortran" mode dir on installation. * /netlabs.cvs/nepmd/src/netlabs/bin/epmnewsamewindow.cmd 1.2 - Cosmetic changes. * /netlabs.cvs/nepmd/src/netlabs/bin/epmchangestartupdir.cmd 1.2 - Added "EPM turbo" object. - Cosmetic changes. * /netlabs.cvs/nepmd/src/gui/nepmdlib/nepmdlib.e 1.46 - Cosmetic changes. - Fixed a currently disabled part (Path has changed to RootDir). * /netlabs.cvs/nepmd/src/gui/nepmdlib/macros/querypathinfo.e 1.13 - Fixed parameter description. * /netlabs.cvs/nepmd/src/gui/nepmdlib/macros/pmprintf.e 1.6 - Fixed: NepmdPmPrintf has still changed rc. - Cosmetic changes. * /netlabs.cvs/nepmd/src/gui/nepmdlib/macros/openconfig.e 1.4 - Demo command: Enhanced messages and fixed typo in var name. * /netlabs.cvs/nepmd/src/gui/common/hilite.c 1.35 * /netlabs.cvs/nepmd/src/gui/nepmdlib/nepmdlib.c 1.65 * /netlabs.cvs/nepmd/src/gui/common/epmenv.c 1.30 - Commented out some DPRINTFs. - HILITE.C: Initialized all CHARs to empty (required for a DPRINTF, AFAIR) and enhanced two error messages. 2006-11-21 jbs * /netlabs.cvs/nepmd/src/ipf/neusreng.txt 1.16 - Improved the wording and format of the "EPM Mode" section. 2006-11-19 jbs * /netlabs.cvs/nepmd/src/netlabs/macros/finddef.e 1.3 - Added initial support for finding C function definitions. * /netlabs.cvs/nepmd/src/gui/common/mmf.c 1.12 - Fixed a typo which caused compilation failture when special MMF DEBUG code is enabled. 2006-11-17 jbs * /netlabs.cvs/nepmd/src/netlabs/macros/comment.e 1.12 - Further improvements so COMMENT.E supports any mode that has a default.ini file with the new keys (LINECOMMENT..., MULTILINECOMMENT... and PREFERREDCOMMENT). 2006-11-16 jbs * /netlabs.cvs/nepmd/src/netlabs/macros/comment.e 1.11 - Major change from using hard-coded definitions of certain comment tokens for certain modes to using the new lines in default.ini to define comments and commenting preferences dynamically. - This version also supports commenting without a mark. In this case, only the line with the cursor is commented/uncommented. * /netlabs.cvs/nepmd/src/gui/common/hilite.c 1.34 - First, working, nearly complete rework of the code to support the new NEPMD.INI keys for various mode settings (including LINECOMMENTNEEDSPACE and PREFERREDCOMMENT). - Commited now so it is available for WSE. 2006-11-15 jbs * /netlabs.cvs/nepmd/src/netlabs/macros/mode.e 1.43 - QueryModeKey was changed to return a default value if a) the key does not exist; or b) if the key has a NULL/empty value. - DelAllModeKeys was changed to enable support for transition from use of LineCommentPreferred to PreferredComment. * /netlabs.cvs/nepmd/src/netlabs/macros/assist.e 1.19 - The code no longer uses LineCommentAddSpace (which will be used by COMMENT.E). It now uses LineCommentNeedSpace to determine if a space is required following a single line comment token (for example a space is required following 'REM' in CMD mode). * /netlabs.cvs/nepmd/src/netlabs/mode/script/default.ini 1.3 * /netlabs.cvs/nepmd/src/netlabs/mode/tex/default.ini 1.5 * /netlabs.cvs/nepmd/src/netlabs/mode/php/default.ini 1.3 * /netlabs.cvs/nepmd/src/netlabs/mode/rc/default.ini 1.6 * /netlabs.cvs/nepmd/src/netlabs/mode/perl/default.ini 1.4 * /netlabs.cvs/nepmd/src/netlabs/mode/javascript/default.ini 1.3 * /netlabs.cvs/nepmd/src/netlabs/mode/make/default.ini 1.4 * /netlabs.cvs/nepmd/src/netlabs/mode/pascal/default.ini 1.4 * /netlabs.cvs/nepmd/src/netlabs/mode/htext/default.ini 1.5 * /netlabs.cvs/nepmd/src/netlabs/mode/java/default.ini 1.4 * /netlabs.cvs/nepmd/src/netlabs/mode/def/default.ini 1.3 * /netlabs.cvs/nepmd/src/netlabs/mode/e/default.ini 1.5 * /netlabs.cvs/nepmd/src/netlabs/mode/configsys/default.ini 1.5 * /netlabs.cvs/nepmd/src/netlabs/mode/cmd/default.ini 1.3 - Some corrections were made to LineCommentPos and LineCommentAddSpace - LineCommentAddSpace is now used only by COMMENT.E when commenting marked lines and is used to indicate a user preference that a space be added following the single line comment token 2006-11-14 jbs * /netlabs.cvs/nepmd/src/netlabs/macros/modecnf.e 1.8 - Corrected a typo in describing the location of PROFILE.ERX. 2006-11-13 jbs * /netlabs.cvs/nepmd/bin/setenv2.cmd 1.8 - Fixed a bug: The wrong description was displayed when the compiler was not VAC308. * /netlabs.cvs/nepmd/src/netlabs/macros/comment.e 1.10 - Added support for HTEXT mode. 2006-11-13 aschn * /netlabs.cvs/nepmd/src/wis/nepmd.lst 1.17 - Added netlabs\ndx. 2006-11-12 jbs * /netlabs.cvs/nepmd/src/nls/wis/page1eng.xml 1.6 - The wording has been improved and reorganized. 2006-11-12 aschn * /netlabs.cvs/nepmd/src/netlabs/macros/kwhelp.e 1.35 - Fixed: Not all NDX files were found due to a typo. 2006-11-12 jbs * /netlabs.cvs/nepmd/src/netlabs/macros/stdconst.e 1.8 - Fixed a bug in calls to NepmdGetNextDir and NepmdGetNextFile where the handle passed was too small for the value written to it by NEPMDLIB.DLL. The fix was a defined constant GETNEXT_CREATE_NEW_HANDLE that is now used when assigning an value to the handle which will be passed to NEPMDLIB.DLL. * /netlabs.cvs/nepmd/src/gui/nepmdlib/macros/getnextdir.e 1.14 * /netlabs.cvs/nepmd/src/gui/nepmdlib/macros/getnextfile.e 1.17 * /netlabs.cvs/nepmd/src/gui/nepmdlib/nepmdlib.e 1.45 * /netlabs.cvs/nepmd/src/gui/nepmdlib/makefile 1.8 - Fixed a bug in calls to NepmdGetNextDir and NepmdGetNextFile where the handle passed was too small for the value written to it by NEPMDLIB.DLL. The fix was a defined constant GETNEXT_CREATE_NEW_HANDLE that is now used when assigning an value to the handle which will be passed to NEPMDLIB.DLL. - The makefile was changed to pass the directory of the main macros subdirectory (src\netlabs\macros) to MKEX.CMD so the compile would be able to find STDCONST.E where GETNEXT_CREATE_NEW_HANDLE is defined. * /netlabs.cvs/nepmd/src/netlabs/macros/autolink.e 1.9 * /netlabs.cvs/nepmd/src/netlabs/macros/toolbar.e 1.18 * /netlabs.cvs/nepmd/src/netlabs/macros/recompile.e 1.9 * /netlabs.cvs/nepmd/src/netlabs/macros/epmshell.e 1.32 * /netlabs.cvs/nepmd/src/netlabs/macros/edit.e 1.42 * /netlabs.cvs/nepmd/src/netlabs/macros/kwhelp.e 1.34 - Fixed a bug in calls to NepmdGetNextDir and NepmdGetNextFile where the handle passed was too small for the value written to it by NEPMDLIB.DLL. The fix was a defined constant GETNEXT_CREATE_NEW_HANDLE that is now used when assigning an value to the handle which will be passed to NEPMDLIB.DLL. 2006-11-12 aschn * /netlabs.cvs/nepmd/src/netlabs/ndx/csys.ndx 1.1 * /netlabs.cvs/nepmd/src/netlabs/ndx/kwrexx.ndx 1.1 First revision * /netlabs.cvs/nepmd/bin/setinit.cmd 1.3 - Adapted to the changed INI key. * /netlabs.cvs/nepmd/src/netlabs/mode/ipf/ipf.hil 1.5 * /netlabs.cvs/nepmd/src/netlabs/mode/ipf/ipfcprep.hil 1.3 - Added some IPFCPREP keywords. - Turned control words from SPECIAL to real keywords with col 1 specification. * /netlabs.cvs/nepmd/src/netlabs/mode/ipf/default.ini 1.5 * /netlabs.cvs/nepmd/src/netlabs/mode/ipf/ipfcprep.hil 1.2 * /netlabs.cvs/nepmd/src/netlabs/mode/ipf/ipf.hil 1.4 - Fixed highlighting for keywords with args: highlight now all up to the first dot. - Changed colors to more convenient ones. - Added more different colors for headers. - Added MACRO2 group for definition tags. - Moved :nameit. to IPF.HIL. 2006-11-10 jbs * /netlabs.cvs/nepmd/bin/setenv.cmd 1.7 * /netlabs.cvs/nepmd/bin/setenv2.cmd 1.7 - The programs were changed to interface with a user's MYSETENV.CMD file in the project base directory. - User's preferred window dimensions are now written into MYSETENV.CMD. - By default, compilers which are not yet supported are no longer accepted unless the environment variable ALLOW_NEW_COMPILERS is set to '1'. * /netlabs.cvs/nepmd/bin/makefile.inf 1.37 * /netlabs.cvs/nepmd/src/ipf/guide.inc 1.5 * /netlabs.cvs/nepmd/src/ipf/makefile.txt 1.35 - The documentation has been reordered, corrected further, reformatted and the wording has been improved. - Use of the recently reworked bin\setenv.cmd and bin\setenv2.cmd is described and encouraged. * /netlabs.cvs/nepmd/src/gui/common/epmenv.c 1.29 - The "final" version of the fix to the bug where queries of Extended LIBPATHs would overlay storage. - Now that the maximum length returned by DosQueryExtLIBPATH is known to be 1024, the code was changed from dynamic allocation to a buffer allocated on the stack. - Other cosmetic changes were made to make the new code more consistent with coding conventions. * /netlabs.cvs/nepmd/src/gui/common/epmenv.c 1.28 - After additional research it has been detemined that the maximum Extended LIBPATH returned by DosQueryExtLIBPATH is 1024. So the size of the allocated buffer was changed to this size (+1). - The code to fix this problem has been made to conform with the coding conventions as seen in the remainder of the file. 2006-11-09 jbs * /netlabs.cvs/nepmd/src/gui/common/epmenv.c 1.27 - Improved the fix for calls to DosQueryExtLIBPATH. 1) It should work with LIBPATH's up to 4K in size; and 2) It checks to ensure that the memory allocation succeeded. - There may be further improvements for this fix, mostly cosmetic. * /netlabs.cvs/nepmd/bin/cvs2log.cmd 1.4 - Fixed a bug in do_directory where a variable 'dir' was being overlaid by a parse comment. - Improved some code in read_entries * /netlabs.cvs/nepmd/bin/setenv2.cmd 1.6 - The previous commit was missing a part of the new support for environment variable substitution. This update completes that support. * /netlabs.cvs/nepmd/src/netlabs/macros/finddef.e 1.2 - Fixed bug in ModeFindDef. On a failed search a non-existant fileid was being activated. 2006-11-08 jbs * /netlabs.cvs/nepmd/src/netlabs/makefile 1.28 - Corrected a typo. * /netlabs.cvs/nepmd/bin/setenv2.cmd 1.5 - Added support for environment variable substitution when adding or setting environment vars. For example: call add2env 'PATH', '%SOMEVAR%' - Fixed another typo. * /netlabs.cvs/nepmd/bin/_srccopy.cmd 1.4 - Improved the wording in the comments to make them more understandable. * /netlabs.cvs/nepmd/bin/checkprg.cmd 1.3 - Fixed a typo and a minor bug in error checking. 2006-11-08 aschn * /netlabs.cvs/nepmd/bin/setenv2.cmd 1.4 - Added missing and required '.;' to INCLUDE. - Fixed typos. 2006-11-08 jbs * /netlabs.cvs/nepmd/src/netlabs/mode/fortran/default.ini 1.4 * /netlabs.cvs/nepmd/src/netlabs/mode/fortran/fortran.hil 1.3 - This file has been moved to src/netlabs/mode/fortran90 because of the change in the name of the mode from FORTRAN to FORTRAN90. * /netlabs.cvs/nepmd/src/netlabs/mode/fortran90/fortran.hil 1.1 * /netlabs.cvs/nepmd/src/netlabs/mode/fortran90/default.ini 1.1 - This file was "moved" from mode\fortran bacause of the change of the name of the mode from FORTRAN to FORTRAN90. * /netlabs.cvs/nepmd/src/netlabs/mode/fortran77/fortran77.hil 1.1 - Support file for initial support of mode: FORTRAN77 * /netlabs.cvs/nepmd/src/netlabs/mode/fortran77/default.ini 1.1 - Support file for initial support for mode: FORTRAN77 2006-11-07 jbs * /netlabs.cvs/nepmd/bin/setenv.cmd 1.6 - This file has been rewritten in support for the latest SETENV2.CMD - Disregard the comments for the previous commit becuase they apply to SETENV2.CMD, not this file. * /netlabs.cvs/nepmd/bin/setenv2.cmd 1.3 * /netlabs.cvs/nepmd/bin/setenv.cmd 1.5 - A major rewrite including the following: a) More "respect" for existing environment settings b) Elimination of duplicate values within an environment var For example, no PATH=....;C:\IBMCPP\BIN;....C:\IBMCPP\BIN... c) An option for an annotated, guided creation of a user SETENV.CMD d) Improved validity checking e) Added support to set an environment for Open Watcom f) Elimination of hard-coded paths in the previous SETENV2.CMD - The program is now a REXX program. * /netlabs.cvs/nepmd/src/gui/common/epmenv.c 1.26 - Fixed a bug in _ExpandEnvVar where calls to DosQueryExtLIBPATH were passing uninitialized pointers. This fix may need more "polishing". 2006-11-06 aschn * /netlabs.cvs/nepmd/src/wis/nepmd.wis 1.51 - Now hide the outdated "WarpIN restriction" page again. 2006-11-06 jbs * /netlabs.cvs/nepmd/src/wis/nepmd.wis 1.50 - Corrected a typo which caused one of the "readme" pages to be skipped. * /netlabs.cvs/nepmd/bin/_unpack.cmd 1.5 - Changed the call to PKUNZIP2 so that it is PKUNZIP2.EXE. This corrects a problem which occurs if PKUNZIP2.CMD is on the PATH before PKUNZIP2.EXE. * /netlabs.cvs/nepmd/bin/mkwpi.cmd 1.8 - Fixed a bug in the recent change to support APPEND_DATE_TO_WPIFILE. The initial support did not copy the WPP files correctly. * /netlabs.cvs/nepmd/src/netlabs/macros/assist.e 1.18 - Changed FORTRAN support to FORTRAN77 support. No other FORTRANs are currently supported. - For technical reasons the FORTRAN77 token balancing support for Block IF's and for program/subprogram blocks has been disabled. - Corrected a bug in the balancing of a FORTRAN77 DO