Airlines L

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Postcard ID
Lan Chile B767-300 LAN01 oversized
Lan Chile B767-300 LAN02 oversized
Lauda Air B737-300 LDA01 damaged - see scan
Lauda Air B767 LDA06  
Lauda Air B767-300ER LDA02  
Lauda Air B777-200 LDA03  
Lauda Air Canadair Regional Jet LDA04  
LOT PWS-24 LOT09 address stamp on back
LOT Lockheed Electra Super 14-H LOT10 address stamp on back
LOT An-24 LOT11 address stamp on back
LOT An-24 LOT01  
LOT Tu-134 LOT02  
LOT IL-62M LOT04  
LOT IL-62M LOT05  
LOT Tu-154M LOT06  
LOT B737-400 LOT08  
LOT B767 LOT13  
LOT Fleet LOT12 Set with 8 cards (2008 edition incl. B787)
LOT Fleet LOT16  Set with 11 cards
LOT Convair 240 LOT15  
LOT B737 LOT17  
LOT ERJ-145 LOT18  
LOT ERJ-175 LOT19  
LOT ERJ-170 LOT20  
LOT B737-400 LOT21  
LOT B737-500 LOT22  
LOT B767-200 LOT23  
LOT B787 LOT24  
LTE B757-200 LTE01  
LTS B757-200 LTS01  
LTUsüd B757-200 LTU02  
LTUsüd B757-200 LTU18  
LTUsüd B757-200 LTU04  
LTUsüd B757-200 LTU05  
LTUsüd B757-200 LTU06  
LTU L-1011-1 LTU08  
LTU L-1011-500 LTU09  
LTU L-1011-1 LTU10  
LTU MD-11 LTU11  
LTU MD-11 LTU12  
LTU MD-11 tail unit LTU13  
LTU 2 A330 tail units, MD-11 in front LTU14  
LTU A330 tail unit LTU15  
LTU A330 tail unit LTU23  similar to LTU15, but with different LTU logo
LTU A330-300 LTU16  
LTU A330-300 LTU17  
LTU B767 LTU21  
LTU Bristol 170 LTU19  
LTU Vickers Viking LTU20  
Lufthansa CityLine Canadair Jet CLH01  
Lufthansa CityLine Fokker 50 CLH02  
Lufthansa CityLine Fokker 50 CLH03  
Lufthansa Italia A319 LHI01  
Lufthansa Italia A319 LHI02  
Luftwaffe Flugbereitschaft A319 A319? LUFT1  Issued by Federal Foreign Office
Luxair B737-400 LGL02  
Luxair Fokker 50 LGL01  
Luxair ERJ-145 LGL04  
Luxair Commuter EMB 120 LGL03