Airlines T

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Postcard ID
TAM A320? TAM01 damaged - bend at bottom of card
TAP B727 TAP02  
TAP B727 TAP03  
TAP B737 TAP04  
TAP B737-300 TAP05  
TAP B737-300 'Expo 98' TAP07  
TAP A310-300 TAP08  
TAP A310-300 TAP09  
TAP A310-300 TAP17  
TAP A319-100 TAP10  
TAP A319-100 TAP16  
TAP A319-100 TAP20 changed color in top right corner (see scan)
TAP A320-200 TAP11  
TAP A320-200 TAP18  
TAP A320-200 TAP21  
TAP A320-214 TAP22  
TAP A321-200 TAP12  
TAP A340-200 TAP13  
TAP A340-200 TAP19  
TAP A340-300 TAP23  
TAP L-1011-500 TAP14  
TAP L-1011-500 TAP15  
Tarom ATR 42-500 ROT01  
Tarom B737-300 ROT02  
Tarom A310-325 ROT03  
Tarom A310 ROT04  
Titan Airways ATR42-300 AWC01 oversized
Thai Airways B747-200B THA01  
Thai Airways B747-400 THA02  
Thai Airways B747-400 THA04  
Thai Airways A330 THA05  
Thai Airways A340 THA06  
Thai Airways DC-10-30 THA07  
TNT BAe146QT TNT01  
Trans Maledivian Airways DHC6 HUM01  
Trans Maledivian Airways DHC6 HUM02  
Trans Maledivian Airways DHC6 HUM03  
Trans Maledivian Airways DHC6 HUM04  
Travel Service Airlines B737-400 + B737-800 TVS01  
Travel Service Airlines B737-800 TVS02  Prague Airport livery
Travel Service Airlines B737-800 TVS03  Prague Airport livery
Travel Service Airlines B737-800 TVS04  
TUIfly B737-800 HLX01  
TUIfly B737-800 HLX02  
TUIfly B737-800 HLX03  
TUIfly B737-800 HLX04  
TUIfly B737-800 HLX11  similar to HLX04, but with different TUIfly logo
TUIfly B737-800 HLX07  
TUIfly B737-300 HLX08  
TUIfly B737-800 HLX09  
TUIfly B737-800 HLX10  
TUIfly B737-800 HLX12  
TUIfly B737-800 HLX15  
TUIfly B737-800 HLX16  
TUIfly B737-800 HLX18  
Tunisair 60 years TAR01 German issue
Tunisair A319 TAR02  
Tunisair A300 TAR03  
Tunisair A300 TAR04  
Tunisair A320 & B737 TAR05  
Tunisair B727-200 TAR06  
Tunisair A320 TAR08  German edition Infocard with no standard postcard back
Tunisair A319 TAR09  German edition Infocard with no standard postcard back 
Tunisair A330 TAR10  
Turkish Airlines B737-400/800 THY01  
Turkish Airlines B737-800 THY09  
Turkish Airlines B737-800 THY11  oversized
Turkish Airlines B777-300 THY12  oversized
Turkish Airlines RJ100/70 THY02  
Turkish Airlines A340 THY03  
Turkish Airlines A340 THY05 oversized
Turkish Airlines A340-311/313 THY07 oversized
Turkish Airlines A330 THY06  
Turkish Airlines A330 THY16  oversized
Turkish Airlines A320-200 THY08 oversized
Turkish Airlines A330 THY13 oversized
Turkish Airlines A340 THY14 oversized
Turkish Airlines B737-800 THY15 oversized
Turkish Airlines A340 THY17  oversized
Turkish Airlines A330
THY10 back
 oversized, no standard postcard back
Tyrolean Airways Dash 8-Q400 TYR02 sticker card
Tyrolean Airways Dash 7 TYR03